Not-So-Casual Fridays

26 Jan

Friday nights here at Oxford are not like Fridays in the rest of the world.  This is, first of all, because Oxfords don’t really get a “weekend” in the truest sense.  Everyone’s tutorials are scheduled on different days (some even on Saturday) , meaning your so-called “weekends” just happens to fall on whichever days you deem fit and/or necessary.  For example, a lot of people at Regents make a habit of going out on Wednesday nights rather than Saturday nights.  Why? you ask….well…Why not?

Secondly, every Friday night comes “Formal Hall,” a fancy candlelit dinner to which everyone wears dress clothes and their academic “commoner’s” robes.  We all find our seats at one of the long tables then stand prettily by our chairs while we wait for the faculty and tutors to enter.  The professors process into the dining hall, wearing their academic robes as well.  They eventually sit down at the “high table” — or the table which sits on a stage-like platform at the front of the hall, reserved primarily for professors and other important people.  (If you’ve seen any of the Harry Potter movies, it’s set up exactly the same way.)

(Picture: Tim, myself, Emily and Matt all dressed up for formal hall in our robes)




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