Tour d’Oxford

4 Feb

Biking is an essential part of life at Oxford. (And by “biking” I mean the Lance Armstrong kind, not the Harley Davidson kind, so for the sake of clarity, let’s do as the Brits do and call it “cycling” instead.)

The streets of Oxford are always crowded with just as many cyclists as cars and pedestrians, so even those who don’t actually own a bike are unavoidably involved in Oxford Cycle Culture. It’s now the beginning of third week and my aching feet and crunched scheduled have finally persuaded me to jump on the band-wagon and buy myself a bike. Watch out everyone.

Here she is – the Mystique – in all her glory! For only about 150 pounds I got this sleek, purple amazingness, with a lights, a lock, a basket, a kickstand, AND my favorite: a large pink bell with Disney’s princess, Belle, on it. I most lovingly call this my “Belle bell.” Everyone’s pretty jealous of it I think, especially the guys.

Bryn and I spent at least an hour, summoning all our engineering capabilities to try to attach the basket to the front of my bike. Considering that we’re both English majors and refuse to think about science whenever possible, this made for a rather amusing hour. Similar to the old light bulb jokes, we were asking “How many English majors does it take to mount a bike basket?” We learned that the answer to that question is “2 English majors, 3 screwdrivers, 1 monkey wrench, 15 twisty-ties, 1 shoelace, and lots of electrical tape!” Now, thanks to my quirky creativity and Bryn’s long-suffering patience, my basket is securely attached to my bike and might possibly even survive the third world war.


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