Fifth Week Blues

18 Feb

Dear Faithful Followers of Blog-dom,

My HUGEST apologies for letting the hectic pace of life get the better of me and have turn The Daily Tea into more like The” Bi-Weekly”  Tea. But I sincerely thank you for your patience, and since I’m sure you’re thirsty for the next cup of Oxford knowledge, I’ll do my best to catch you up on all the exciting things that have been happening!

We’re now entering the fifth week of our 8-week-long term which means we’re more than halfway done!! AAAAAAAUGH!  <– This cry is a cry of agony and panic (due to the amount of work to be done and pending fun to yet be had), mixed with sheer excitement for our extended Spring Break.

They say that time flies when you’re having fun, right?  Well, if you’re having fun and working your butt off AND being challenged in every way possible everyday then time doesn’t just fly — it soars.  I honestly feel like it was yesterday that I arrived here and hopped the Spencer House wall and scared Callie to death by knocking on her bedroom window.  *sigh* Oh, memories…


Now that we’re in Fifth week, I’ve had multiple tutorials under my belt, as well as triple that amount of rowing outings and soccer (“football”) games; 4 formal halls, 1 new bicycle, 1 rockin’ birthday night, 1 SuperBowl party, 6 of Austen’s major novels…and countless cups of coffee/tea to help get through it all.

So why the blues?  This week is, according to Oxford tradition, officially labeled the “5th Week Blues” because it’s the time of term when the pressure of exams draw nigh  and people begin to get sick, tired or otherwise burnt out.

But I think I lucked out this week: All early-morning rowing outings and my one tutorial got canceled so  my week was relatively stress-free! And, by some miracle, my immune system has weathered the onslaught of colds and flues that have been circling throughout the Spencer House and the college at large; (knock on wood!)


As I was cycling to class on Wednesday I thought, Today is the mid-way point of fifth week, so – technically – this should be my absolute bluest day in Oxford, right? But to my happiness and to the dismay of the study-gods, I was actually feeling quite wonderful! The sky was clear and (*gasp) sunny…and I spent what was supposedly the “bluest” day in Oxford on the football pitch basking in the 45-degree weather! Aaaahh….

Take that, fifth-week blues.



NOTE: We think of chronology here in Oxford in terms of weeks (i.e. Week 1, Week 2, Week 6 etc…) Ask any given Oxford student what the date is and they will probably look at you with a bewildered expression or have to shuffle around in their pockets a few minutes to check their phone for the numeric date.   This is because we don’t operate in terms of dates here; we say “Today is Friday of Fifth Week” or “Monday of Second Week” and dates aren’t ever part of the equation.    (February 17th?  When is that??) Although I’m not exactly sure when or how this system arose, but it does reflect the fact that the entire system is dominated by the academic calendar.







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