1 Term Down! Celebrations and Musings Upon Hilary…

18 Mar

Today is my last full day in Oxford. Tomorrow I’ll leave behind the city of dreaming spires and embark on a 4-week long adventure that will take me through the Irish coast, the Scottish Highlands and eventually the countryside of Eastern Europe. My anticipation mounts and thoughts race ahead to the next few weeks as I sit here amongst piles of scattered clothes, suitcases and papers I’ve managed to accrue over just one short term. But even as I thumb excitedly through guidebooks and fresh Euro bills, I cannot forget the fun I’ve had so far and all the events that have led up to this very moment. I’m speaking of all the friendships, all the sights, all the lessons learned inside of the classroom and out, that have made the last 3 months some of the most colorful and enriching months of my life.

So I now take time to reminisce about such events…and I hope that in doing so I can make up for my lack of frequent updates and terrible blog neglect! Maybe once I master the evasive art of self-discipline (my official project for Trinity Term!) then you’ll actually be able to read the ‘Daily Tea’ on a daily basis, BUT for now here’s the reader’s digest/comic book version of my last few weeks…enjoy!

See you in Ireland next!  ❤


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