21 Mar

As an American in the old motherland it’s easy to feel that you have relatively little claim to cultural sophistication. It’s not even a contest really:  England has castles and cathedrals; America has Super Wal-Marts and burger joints.  However, lest you feel discouraged by such seeming cultural inequity, don’t forget that there’s at least one day reserved to revel in our unique American heritage.  I’m talking about the Super Bowl of course!  Even the Brits are jealous of it.  I haven’t heard them say as much, but I am almost sure that they envy our new-and-improved take on football.  They’re football teams don’t even have mascots…Clearly inferior.

Anyway, there was about 15 of us that piled into Rowena and Andrew’s apartment to eat and watch the game together.  Because of the 5+ time difference the game didn’t start here until 11 pm.  And, yes, we stayed up for the WHOLE entire thing.  We didn’t go home until 4 am.  Sure, most of us had class/schoolwork the next day but collectively agreed that it was totally worth it to stay up.

The group was pretty equally divided between Packers fans and Steelers fans.  I had decided about a week before that I was going to be a Packers fan for two reasons: (1) I’m friends with Chris who’s from Wisconsin; I even watched a prelims game with him to show my moral support. And (2) the Packers are the only team associated with food. Cheese! Yummmm.

So we sprawled out in Rowena’s living room, ate cheese, and watched the game…peppered with explanations of the rules to our British friends…and criticisms of the ridiculous halftime show (“What the heck is Fergie doing?” “Black-Eyed Peas need to quit” and “Thank you, Slash and Usher for being the only redeemable qualities to this halftime”…etc.)

By the end of the night the mixed crowd became rather segregated, with the guys sitting on one side of the room, intently watching the tv, and the girls (a.k.a. the FUN people) goofing off and eating chocolates on the other side of the room.  Oh, how I love the Super Bowl.


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