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Hunka hunka Burnin’ Love

25 Jan

The Daily Tea is back!!! And this time I hope it will indeed become more “daily” and live up to its original name.

I now write to you from neither Oxford nor England, but from its friendly northern neighbour — that’s right, I’m now on my second study-abroad stint at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland!  Oh, the fun never stops.

Today is an especially important day for me to write about Scotland, because today, Jan. 25th, marks the celebration of Scotland’s beloved national poet, Robert Burns.   Tonight is BURNS NIGHT!  Tonight (and possible every night this week for those with strong stomachs) typically includes the saluting and subsequent eating of HAGGIS (more on that later), the unbridled consumption of whisky, and the spirited recitation of Burns’s witty poetry.  Those who can successfully stand after the meal usually proceed to a CEILIDH (“keh-lee”).  This is the traditional Scottish dancing, which can best be described as a rowdy cousin to American square dancing: a lot of turning, skipping, switching partners, and running into one another, depending on the amount of whisky consumed beforehand.  We had a Burns Night in Oxford last year and it was amazing fun!  Probably one of my favourite nights in Oxford.

I’m looking forward to celebrating yet another Burns Night with all the residents in my building next week!  Complete with ceilidh and the whole ordeal.  Burns Night is a great way to celebrate being Scottish and all that IS Scottish.  It’s a time of national pride perfectly balanced with fun and frivolity!  Perfect, especially when you learn about the sort of person our boy Robert “Rabbie” Burns was…